The magic of Es Vedrà

The magic of Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà – Ibiza’s off-the-beaten track treasure

A place that’s shrouded in myth, mystery and legend, a visit to Ibiza’s Es Vedrà is certain to inspire awe and wonder, even when you take it’s stories with a pinch of salt. This glorious rock formation can be found on the southern coast of Ibiza and it’s sunset rivals many of the island’s busier beauty spots.

Thought to be the third most magnetic place in the world, the gateway to Atlantis and even the birthplace of mother goddess Tanit, Es Vedrà’s fantastic mythical history has garnered more and more mystery over the years. Whilst some admit to seeing UFOs over the island or inexplicable shadows beneath the waters, one thing that is certainly agreed upon is the rock’s mystical aura and spiritual energy. Many come to this area to meditate and practice yoga which has given the area a reputation of spirituality and harmony.

Stepping foot on this uninhabited island isn’t permitted but, of course, that doesn’t stop Ibiza’s spiritual visitors appreciating it from afar. Cala d’Hort beach is an arc of undisturbed sand and pebble shores with far-reaching views out to the mythical island. Backed by rugged cliffs and with a handful of restaurants to head to, this beach is a beloved sandy spot that often fills up with locals and tourists in the summer months. With a panoramic view of Es Vedrà, many flock to the beach to enjoy yoga and meditation as sunset falls on this magical area.

Despite the inability to get to the island, boat trips are always willing to get you as close to the rock as possible whilst also respecting this protected area. Regular boating expeditions depart from the Cala d’Hort beach and, should you so wish, private boating companies will also take you deep into the turquoise sea in the company of yourself and your loved ones. The rugged cliff tops that hug the south side of the island are also a key attraction for keen walkers, with the lookout spots of the Torre de Savinar and the Arc de Pedra providing ideal spots to sit and take in the majestic seascape.

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