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  • Aromas and emotions written by Elizabeth Nutter MFHT

    Aromas and Emotions I have been aware that from an early age my sense of smell has always played a key role in my life. I did not realise how signi...
  • Top 5 Media Picks to Get You Through 2020

    With pockets of the country experiencing local lockdown measures, we pick our top five media picks to keep you busy whilst staying at home.


  • An Intro to Mindfulness

    How you can use this fundamental skill to ease 2020’s anxieties

  • Anxiety and the importance of your five senses

    Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch – you use these vital senses everyday, but how can you utilise them when suffering with anxiety?

  • Manifestation – tell us the basics

    For the cynics amongst us, manifestation may feel a like little bit of a ‘pie in the sky’ concept for getting what you want in life. But, if you really put the practice into action in your life, you may be surprised by the changes it brings about.

  • How to tackle self-care in the time of Covid-19

    Between working from home, schooling our children and worrying about the pandemic, self-care is more important than ever in this trying time. Here at HerFreeSpirit we want you to find some time for self-care in the most freeing way possible.
  • Dream catchers. What are they?

    Dreamcatchers were adopted in the Pan-Indian Movement of the 1960s and 1970s and gained popularity as a widely marketed "Native crafts items" in th...
  • The amazing power of meditation.

    During meditation, you focus on quietening down your thoughts and worries. Notice that we said quietening down rather than silencing - it’s about getting in touch with your breath, allowing it to guide you into a state of tranquility, allowing yourself to just be.