A Beginners guide to spiritual Ibiza. Written by Anne Walker and published by Hannah Farren.

A Beginners guide to spiritual Ibiza. Written by Anne Walker and published by Hannah Farren.

Ibiza is famous for its spiritual side. Since the 50s the island has welcomed hippies and seekers of calm and tranquillity to its beautiful shores. Now the image has changed somewhat but that spirituality lives on. Tourists and residents alike will say they’ve felt an inexplicable connection to Ibiza, and return time and again to soak up the benefit of this tiny island’s charms.

There are many ways of appreciating the unique energy and spirituality Ibiza has to offer. The best way to begin is hiring a car and exploring. Make sure these 4 magical places are on your list…

Es Vedra.

By far the most mystical places in Ibiza and possibly the world, Es Vedra captivates everyone who sees it. The jagged rock looms large from almost every viewpoint along the south-west coast. The best places to admire this beautiful rock formation are Cala D’hort beach and the clifftops surrounding the area. Find your space and spend some time just feeling the tranquillity of the moment.

Alternatively you may want to try out the many excellent yoga classes or meditation sessions which take place here during the spring and summer months.

Benirras Beach & San Juan.

Famous for its Sunday hippy drumming sessions, Benirras Beach also offers an amazing sunset, artisan’s market and great restaurant options. The pretty cove is located in the San Miguel region of Ibiza in the North of the island. Make the day of it by combining your visit with the gorgeous village of San Juan, where you will find an oasis away from the busy towns. San Juan and the north are also home to many yoga and spiritual retreat centres which take advantage of the calm and beautiful surroundings.

Las Dalias & San Carlos.

San Carlos Village has been home to Las Dalias since 1954, when according to its website drinks cost 2 pesetas each. Prices may have moved onwards and upwards since then, but Las Dalias still retains its hippy, spiritual vibe. Saturdays & Friday nights (in summer) are home to the famous hippy markets, but there are also music and other interesting events to enjoy throughout the week. Visitors from all over the world mix with locals from the village in the laid back bar. Sometimes It can feel like time has stood still in this unique corner of Ibiza. Bring a camera for your visit!

Atzaro Spirit Festival

“The people of Ibiza come together as one to share in the joy of our true spirit” Every spring the amazing Atzaro agroturismo hotel welcomes all things spiritual through its well-carved doors. The event is a one day extravaganza of meditation, yoga, sound healing, rebirthing, even a spot of hula hoop therapy for those inclined! Everyone is welcome to try out any and all of the spiritual experiences. Professionals are on hand to see what suits you best and offer expert guidance along the way. All proceeds go to support this yearly event and to help local island charities.

Blog was written by Anne Walker. Anne is a Wedding photographer living on the island and can be found here: www.ibizaphotography.com Her work is outstanding and is available for bookings for the 2021 onwards. Make Ibiza your dream wedding destination.

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