Manifestation – tell us the basics

Manifestation – tell us the basics


For the cynics amongst us, manifestation may feel a like little bit of a ‘pie in the sky’ concept for getting what you want in life. But, if you really put the practice into action in your life, you may be surprised by the changes it brings about.

Ready for a new job, a change in your love life or even your financial situation to radically change? The powers of manifestation are well worth a try. After all, it costs nothing to put positive energies into your life. There are heaps of educational tools online which explain the basics of manifestation, primarily the Law of Attraction website which explains the cultural significance of asking the universe for things in history and modern culture.

Fundamentally, the process of manifestation includes visualising the change you want to come about in your life; clearing negative energy and unbelieving friends from your manifestation process; visualising yourself in this position; taking actions to get to the place you want to be and; reaping the rewards of your manifestation.

 In order to achieve a successful manifestation, you must truly believe in the process, know that this goal is something that will make you happy and be sure to take the steps to achieve your goal. No one is going to knock on your door with an exciting new job offer just because you’ve asked the universe for it, but if you deploy manifestation techniques alongside sprucing up your LinkedIn and getting on the job hunt, you’ll no doubt find yourself in the hiring process before you know it.  

To read more on the process, we recommend The Universe Has Your Back: How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What by Gabrielle Bernstein, or for audio learners, the Mind Your Business podcast episode, Why You Aren’t Manifesting What You Are Wanting.

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