Top 5 Media Picks to Get You Through 2020

Top 5 Media Picks to Get You Through 2020


With pockets of the country experiencing local lockdown measures, we pick our top five media picks to keep you busy whilst staying at home.

Book - Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig

A Sunday Times Bestseller and sell-out success of 2015, Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive couldn’t be a more necessary read for 2020. Not only does the autobiographical book tackle the personal story of Haig’s depression, it also includes poetically written and beautifully thought out lists of positive things to focus on in life – a wonderful reminder in this bleak year.  


Podcast - How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

If anything has been guaranteed in 2020, it’s failure. Jobs have been lost, holidays cancelled and future plans abandoned. But, Elizabeth Day is here to celebrate the joy in all-things failure. She did a four-part Coronavirus special back in the midst of the lockdown, and her special ep with philosopher Alain De Botton certainly helped the Her Free Spirit team get through those tough times.  


Podcast – Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

Another podcast for washing over you when things get a little bit overwhelming. Happy Place sees Fearne Cotton speak to inspiring individuals about their mental health and histories, trying to get to the bottom of what happiness means for them. No matter what, this podcast is certain to make you feel less alone in this big bad world. 


TV Show - Queer Eye Season 5

Tissues at the ready, tears are assured. Queer Eye is more than just a make over show, and the US-based Fab Five consistently look for the very best in every situation – definitely a goal we should all take forward from 2020. Watch as the lives of 10 unsuspecting Americans have their lives upheaved, and don’t be surprised when you have to delve into the previous four seasons!


Film – Hamilton

Is it fair to say that Disney+ releasing Hamilton is the best thing to come out of 2020? The hit musical has been a sell-out success since it’s premiere, however getting out to see the live show isn’t always doable for musical fans. The live recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historic retelling of the American founding fathers is funny, entertaining and informative. It might be just short of three hours long, but it’s well worth a visit for any musical fan.

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